VRED Essentials

VRED Essentials for Web & Media Productions

Previsualizing directly on set or trying to make difficult design decisions, creating images for marketing or advertisement and much more can be realized with VRED Essentials 6.0. Experience yourself how playful photo-realistic images arise from 3D models. VRED Essentials 6.0 lets you work faster and more efficient and you will get outstanding image material - in realtime.

In addition, VRED Essentials 6.0 now includes the animation module! You do not have to purchase it separately. The PI-VR therefore offers users the chance not only to visualize their ideas, but also to animate them in order to achieve even more impressive results.

VRED Essentials comes as a beginner's version for manifold use in all areas of 3D visualization. This software combines all advantages typical for VRED such as an exceptional and highly competitive renderengine and the large selection of photo-realistic materials. The user-friendly interface and the intuitive operation help speed up the working process and give you stunning results.


Interactive Raytracing Rendering

VRED Essentials enables you to permanently work in the Raytracing mode. Reflections and refractions on the surface of geometries are depicted accurately at any time so that materials and lights can be set swiftly and intuitively.